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Funny Bad Customer of the Day:

The Customer Is Not Always Right!

Retail | Brooklyn, NY, USA

(I am usually the only person in the store where I work so I end up eating my lunch at the counter. This day I’ve brought three small Tupperware with cheese, crackers, and sliced apples. They are placed at the counter closest to me, a far reach for any customers, but not hidden. A customer walks up to pay for an item and I turn to get the box for it. When I turn around, he’s pulled the containers near him and it eating my lunch!)

Me: “Excuse me! That’s mine!”

Customer: “Oh! I’m sorry, I thought they were samples.”

Me: “Samples?! Of WHAT?”

Customer: “I don’t know. Just samples.”

(I pull them toward me and finish the transaction in silence as I’m both amazed and angry. When he leaves he says this gem:)

Customer: “Geez, don’t get all twisted up. How was I supposed to know they weren’t samples?!”

(I couldn’t think of anything to say to that that wasn’t incredibly impolite.)

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